The Sum of All Dreams

This week we discuss what moves us to create the things we do in virtual worlds, identity, stress and cyber bullying, Google’s Project Glass and more!

This week’s topics include:


Bernhard Drax (Draxtor Despres) is a musician, new media producer, and machinima journalist.

Karl Stiefvater (Qarl Fizz, formerly Qarl Linden) is visual effects artist, software developer, and interactive designer extraordinaire.

Thank you to our sponsor, Pretty Feet!

About Kim/Gianna

Kimberly Winnington (SL: Gianna Borgnine) is the Emmy nominated owner and CEO of Sand Castle Studios, LLC, a company dedicated to helping organizations maximize the full potential of virtual worlds and social media by creating interactive, social, and 3D experiences. For the last 5 years, Kimberly has helped SCS clients stay ahead of the curve and is a respected resource for information on current and developing trends, social media, and immersive experiences.
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13 Responses to The Sum of All Dreams

  1. Crap Mariner says:

    Good one, and thanks for getting the word out about the 10,000 Loves project.

    -ls/cm, sitting in a cubicle reading customer complaints

  2. draxtor says:

    Do NOT blame me – Daniel updated the site and put a photo of the bathtub complete with Stroker and blonde on rotation at

  3. Vanessa says:

    - pinterest – its visual and you can see it quickly, and you don’t have to bother reading ANYTHING! Just look at the pictures

    – ‘it woudn’t be that bad’ to make your own avatar as Karl says, but it wouldn’t be that good either. When people have no clue how to design an avatar, they are given a beginner basic – as happens now. You can then customise as you want. If new arrivals have to build from scratch on arrival, I think this will scare people away.

    – Drax – they *have* partnered up with good creators: these are the people that design the library, and its all free. But this is not why people leave SL after 5 minutes, IMO

    – the standardised school layout I think, is narrow and restrictive, but there is an expectation of it. The same could be said about in world theatres, lecture spaces etc – I believe you have one on your sim Gianna, and you have also conformed :)

    – Malibu SL existence? No thanks. Odd that Philip said that, as the current US resident rate is I think around 30-40%. Not everyone wants to live the American dream. Malibu brings to mind the Courtney Love song by the same name

    – The only time I have issues with SL gender is when it is used to exploit/confuse/deceive others for gain. There are a couple of fairly well known SL people who maintain avatars opposite to their RL selves, especially deceiving people in the process. Sometimes, you have to realise that RL people *do* know you are in SL, because they are there too :)

    – bullying is not a new concept, and sadly has not changed over generations. Despite many RL and virtual campaigns, bullying is still a ‘normal’ part of life. I still prefer to think that the majority of SL residents do not behave like this, because it is easier to assume that adults have left this behavior behind. Sadly, there are way too many very public instances of SL bullying, and we could discuss forever as to why this happens. The consequences of this bullying are usually quite terrible for the victim, but as a society we still do it.

    – Charlar and Esbee were basically sacked, and it seems they are being replaced. I don’t think this indicates that SL is running down – if it was, those positions would NOT be refilled

    – google glass: Karl is right in that this concept has been around in Science Fiction for a very long time. As have many things. Great time to be alive!

  4. Vanessa says:

    Oh, and your pop up player cuts out at 1.04, leaving about another 15 minutes unplayed. You might want to fix that. Or people might need to listen in one of the alternate players

    • Catherine Jade says:

      I just listened to the entire thing on the pop up player without any problems. You might need to just refresh your browser.

  5. Metacam Oh says:

    Another great show guys keep up the good work. Just gotta keep Draxtors mic away from his mouth the heavy breathing and sighs started to drive me nuts at one point.

  6. Catherine Jade says:

    Great show guys. Thank you for sharing Jared’s story. I think it’s important that we reflect from time to time, but it’s unfortunate when a tragedy forces us to do it.

  7. Jo Yardley says:

    Lovely episode, thanks for mentioning my blog :)
    Ooooh you mentioned me! Yay!
    Lovely podcast.
    I think you should be able to create a very good, unique avatar on the SL website itself, before logging in.
    Let creators donate freebies that you can choose on the site when you create your avatar on the SL website.
    Maybe even some kind of marketplace site where you can pick free items offered by inworld vendors.
    There could be hundreds of items there!
    And you get a great fun looking avatar, nice clothes, cool stuff before you even download SL.
    It has to be easy though, like the avatar creation in the Sims.
    As one of you said, you don’t have to make it easy for people who are very interested and enthusiastic and curious.
    But it has to be easy and open for new people who are not like that, thousands of people join SL and leave again very fast.
    Simplifying and making it more fun to begin is important.
    After all, I am very curious and excited and creative in SL… but the first time I came here I too was intimidated by the bad way you enter SL and the reputation it had.
    So I left and did not return for a few years.
    If SL had been better for noobs back then, I could have been building sims since 2007!

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