Streisand Effect

This week we discuss Reddit moderators and censorship, Ebbe Altburg’s keynote at VWBPE, the story behind the Facebook-Oculus deal and more.

This week’s topics include:


Karl Stiefvater (Qarl Fizz, formerly Qarl Linden) is visual effects artist, software developer, and interactive designer extraordinaire.

William Reed Seal-Foss is a 3D artist and virtual world content creator.

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About Kim/Gianna

Kimberly Winnington (SL: Gianna Borgnine) is the Emmy nominated owner and CEO of Sand Castle Studios, LLC, a company dedicated to helping organizations maximize the full potential of virtual worlds and social media by creating interactive, social, and 3D experiences. For the last 5 years, Kimberly has helped SCS clients stay ahead of the curve and is a respected resource for information on current and developing trends, social media, and immersive experiences.
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13 Responses to Streisand Effect

  1. Arabella says:

    A few points:

    – anyone with at least half a brain knows that Karl would NEVER support copybot. Where do these lunatics come from??

    – When blocking/banning an account, Lindenlab does not return any currency held by that account (just FYI)

    – Please keep the podcasts regular, as there is nothing remotely like this that is relevant to SL at all. A few failed attempts with a bit of glitz by other parties does not compete

    – We need a petition to get Karl to come back to SL. You too Kim. There is so much to be done yet, and only one lifetime to do it in!

    • You might be surprisd says:

      “the SL community strongly believes that these builds should be censored to decrease the abuse caused with them.

      i disagree with this decision but i respect that the overwhelming majority feels otherwise. so i am going to censor your link.”

      “the twisted thing here is that i agree with you – the majority is wrong here. i’d love to have a chance to change their minds.”

      ” i disagree with the majority – censoring is not the answer.”

      • qarl says:

        heh… yeah. that conversation is already linked above.

        try to understand i’m not ashamed of it. in my mind, i believe it shows that i will do what the community desires even when i disagree. which is something most people can’t do.

        i’d also appreciate it if you used your name. attacks hurled in the dark are deceitful and cowardly.

      • Anonymous Coward says:

        I think you might be missing the difference between being against copybot and being against the censorship of copybot. It’s a freedom of speech thing, like how the ACLU defends the KKK even though the KKK is evil.

  2. urban hermit says:

    Qarl – Stop trying to be relevant. Your not relevant! When are you paying the deformer supporters back ?!

  3. Cathy Foil says:

    OK I tried posting this 3 or 4 times but I can’t get the HTML tags to work for the links so if you want to see my videos just go to YouTube and search for Cathy Foil. You will find my two videos there.

    Great show as usual! :D

    I have a couple of links I like to post of a couple of YouTube videos I posted.
    First link is to a video I made in InWorldz of a custom mesh head I made as a proof of concept using Qarl’s Mesh Deformer. It shows that full body custom meshes are completely compatible thanks to the Deformer. No need to wait for LL to make new default avatars 2.0. The video shows all the appearance sliders affecting the custom avatar mesh head I made. youtubeDOTcom/watch?v=CEuUvquAps0

    I had been in contact with some of the management of InWorldz and gave them copies of the mesh head. I was trying to get them to add code so when a custom mesh avatar was worn it would automatically be textured with a composite texture of all the layers your avatar was wearing. Qarl and I had already discussed this months ago.

    While they were excited by this at first I haven’t heard anything further from InWorldz.

    This second video showing my MayaFit system for Maya that resizes mesh clothing to the 5 standard sizes. I kinda got the idea from the Mesh Deformer. In working on my MayaFit I realized that textures applied on the mesh in some circumstances got distorted more than I like. My solution was to in the UV Texture Editor relax the UVs while having the UV borders automatically pinned. I wonder if something like that could be added to the InWorldz Mesh Deformer? youtubeDOTcom/watch?v=Z1KWC4q0u84″ MayaFit Video>

    I know it has been a few pod casts back that you talked about the Oculus Rift but I did have an interesting idea and Qarl please feel free to explore it. How about mounting two very small light weight video cameras on the Oculus Rift? The two cameras would let you see the outside world. You can then use the computer to overlay anything you like over the real world. With a portable computer powering the Oculus Rift you could walk around.

    It could be used for things like seeing what your walls would look like in different colors or what a remodel of your kitchen would be like. You could play Zombie games while running around in the woods with friends. Since now you can actually see your hands you can take a stick or toy gun and overlay a CGI laser cannon over it.

    Personally I am a bit more excited over the CastAR than the Oculus Rift but I have not had the opportunity to see either first hand.

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