It’s SL9B, not LL9B

This week we discuss Second Life’s 9th birthday celebration, mobile Second Life options, Linden Lab’s next project, region idling, Facebook’s IPO and more with special guest Saffia Widdershins!

This week’s topics include:


Saffia Widdershins is a well known Second Life user, community leader, and blogger.  She is best known as Owner and CEO of Prim Perfect Publications, publisher and editor of Prim Perfect Magazine and as a co-host of the show Designing Worlds.

Karl Stiefvater (Qarl Fizz, formerly Qarl Linden) is visual effects artist, software developer, and interactive designer extraordinaire.

About Kim/Gianna

Kimberly Winnington (SL: Gianna Borgnine) is the Emmy nominated owner and CEO of Sand Castle Studios, LLC, a company dedicated to helping organizations maximize the full potential of virtual worlds and social media by creating interactive, social, and 3D experiences. For the last 5 years, Kimberly has helped SCS clients stay ahead of the curve and is a respected resource for information on current and developing trends, social media, and immersive experiences.
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4 Responses to It’s SL9B, not LL9B

  1. Crap Mariner says:

    Good one, well done on getting more relevant and topical guests, and great discussion on SL9B.

    Yes, there will be… what is it… 20 sims (one less than last year, but then who needs the Linden Bear collection unless to use it as a shooting gallery), but those who can’t do the 234prim/32×32/G-rated/low-script/no-listeners can always put up a G-rated portal build that invites people to head off, or there can be a collected off-SL9B sim portal for those types who don’t want the full build. (Kinda like LL’s Destination island for newbies, but not random.)

    Region Idling… so they’re not core-locked, and they do multi-thread and spill over? So as regions-per CPU density increases, my risk of having an a-hole lag-hell CPU-neighbor who doesn’t manage their resources is increasing? And in the end, Region-Idling rewards the jerks who pig out on resources by offering them more as opposed to price breaks for those who run efficiently?

    Lovely. *sigh* Must… stop… trying… to… think… about… this… rationally…


    -ls/cm, time to put my brain in a jar… a cookie jar

  2. Metacam Oh says:

    That’s hilarious. Story telling for the Angry Birds crew. People mindlessly flicking things across the screen are not interested in text adventures, just another glaring comment about how out of touch Linden Lab is with reality.

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  4. Great show, lots of things covered, informative and fun. Great guest too.

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