Going Mainstream

This week we discuss Bitcoin, tech going mainstream, new tech in virtual worlds, and more!

This week’s topics include:


Karl Stiefvater (Qarl Fizz, formerly Qarl Linden) is visual effects artist, software developer, and interactive designer extraordinaire.

William Reed Seal-Foss is a 3D artist and virtual world content creator.

Thank you to our sponsors – Botgirl’s Digital PlaygroundAngelRED CoutureKahruvel Design and Virtual Vision 2020


About Kim/Gianna

Kimberly Winnington (SL: Gianna Borgnine) is the Emmy nominated owner and CEO of Sand Castle Studios, LLC, a company dedicated to helping organizations maximize the full potential of virtual worlds and social media by creating interactive, social, and 3D experiences. For the last 5 years, Kimberly has helped SCS clients stay ahead of the curve and is a respected resource for information on current and developing trends, social media, and immersive experiences.
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8 Responses to Going Mainstream

  1. Cathy Foil says:

    Concerning the Amazon drone delivery:
    I keep hearing the voice of a future parent saying to their kid “Yea it is all fun and games shooting at the drones with your BB guns till someone loses an Ipad.”. 😛

    Seriously though, while the concept sounds really cool I think the security risk is too great. If they can carry five pounds of Amazon products they can carry five pounds of explosives. If there are hundreds or thousands of these drones flying round in cities how would you know when one or a few hundred were fake or hijacked to carry bombs?

  2. Steve S. says:

    Concerning the use of profanity in the Metareality podcast, you asked for feedback, so here is mine — I don’t like it. I think there is a lot of intelligent and thoughtful dialogue on the podcast delivered in entertaining ways, but I think the constant swearing ruins and distracts from the messages and ideas being presented. Particularly, I think Reed goes way too far with his constant dropping of the F-bomb in various forms. Why go through all the effort to add in extra adjectives that do nothing to make your point more understandable? I think he could take a more professional tone with some self-discipline. Would you talk to your mother or 3-year-old child that way? I am not against hearing an occasional sh*t or d*mn for emphasis, but the constant swearing adds nothing to the podcast. I would like to recommend Metareality to others for the content, but I won’t do it with the current language out of concern of offending them. I will keep listening for now, but I usually grow weary of constant offensive language at which point I will quite listening. I look forward to more thoughtful and intelligent discussion on Metareality.

  3. C0dec6 says:

    I keep coming back to Metareality because I really WANT to like it and I think Kim/Gianna is a great host, but every time I listen to an episode I really wish everyone else on the show (this episode and most of the others I’ve listened to) was far less jaded and negative about everything. There are tons of exciting things going on in the space, especially in the past year.

    For a podcast about such a promising area as Virtual Worlds, I’d prefer to hear from optimists and people who are excited and well informed.

    • Kim/Gianna says:

      Thank you for your feedback! I really want you to like it too!! LOL. I agree the podcast needs to be more balanced other than just myself! I’m looking into to more positive topics and informative guests and have already started booking some so hopefully you’ll start to see more of this soon!

  4. Cathy Foil says:

    Hey Kimberly,
    I know it is a lot of extra work for you to bleep out the pod cast. I do have a couple of possible solutions for you.

    If you had a fourth person on Skype with all of you whose job was not to talk but simply to record as you were recording hit a bleep button. Then they could email you the bleep track and you could then sync them together.

    I would love to volunteer but I am sure you and Qarl have some reservations about me doing it out of concern I go all fangirl over Qarl bombarding him will all sorts or questions and ideas. You would probably be right and it would be hard not for me to ask him questions. I actually have questions I like to ask you and Reed but they normally don’t seem to fit in the show.

    Though I would prefer the first way a second way would be to release the show first uncensored. Then I would download the show and bleep out the offensive words and email it back to you in the next couple of days so you could then put it up as well. I would be happy to do this in exchange for a sponsorship and request that my name be mentioned either at the beginning of thanking the sponsors or at the very end.

    Lastly you ask for suggestions for the show. How about an “Ask Kimberly”, “Ask Qarl”, “Ask Reed” and or “Ask The Guest” section on your podcast. Listeners of the podcast could leave questions in the comments section of the current show to be answered on the next show.

    Yea I know what you are thinking a veiled attempt by me to ask Qarl more questions. But seriously I do believe it would help get listeners more active in the show and would give you a better idea of the direction they like the show to go in. Plus it save you a lot of time having to come up with so many things to talk about. Obviously you couldn’t answer all the questions and would have to pick and chose which ones to use on the show.

    • Kim/Gianna says:

      Hi Cathy! I will take all of those options into consideration, but the choice to try uncensored for a bit actually stemmed from complaints about the censored version and requests for us to go uncensored not the extra time it takes. The podcast is still edited for time/content and takes around 2 hours complete so it doesn’t save that much time. I still haven’t made a decision, but I’m assuming from your response you prefer the censored version?

      I love the idea of the “Ask” section. I have had this and similar sections suggested before and each time I have wanted to implement something along these lines. I will talk the others, but I think you’ll see an announcement for this on the next podcast!

      • Cathy Foil says:

        Hi Kim, :)
        Censored or uncensored doesn’t make any difference to me. I like them both.

        Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season! 😀

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