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Advertise with Metareality! Our show reaches a broad demographic of subscribers who are serious about virtual worlds. Ad Rates:

14 days/2 weeks: $12.00 USD
30 days/1 month: $20.00 USD
60 days/2 months: $35.00 USD
90 days/3 months: $40.00 USD
180 days/6 months: $60.00 USD
365 days/1 year: $100.00 USD

Ad Requirements:

125×125px image linked to your url.

Acceptable ad formats: .jpg, .png, .gif only

You can update your image and url at any time during your campaign.

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To start advertising today, please contact us and send the correct payment amount for the campaign length of your choice in US Dollars via the Paypal button below.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

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